Aloha, we would like to give you a very special thank you for taking the time to visit our website. To start a little about Off Hawaii is that it started as an idea to become a small clothing line business, which is to have a full production of quality made apparel (clothing, footwear, Accessories, etc…) Off Hawaii was created by a 17 year old high school student with the mindset to create a brand not only to influence the clothing industry but to change the worlds culture and how its views on certain events that go on in the world have a very powerful impact, he did not stop there though, his intentions were to invite one of his old friends from a previous year in high school to help accomplish this crazy idea of his. However as Off Hawaii continues to grow we plan to expand on much bigger things such as a full media productions side to the company, also other beneficial things we will strive to focus our attention to, such as giving the necessities to those who need it most, to fight against the harmful things already being done to our planet. Here at Off Hawaii we make our standard to use eco friendly materials on all of our products from the wearables to the packaging used to deliver your OH Products. 

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